Tom Solis is a talented artist whose style is reminiscent of many singer/songwriters of the past. He mixes simplicity and raw emotion to create a uniquely complex sound that is tantalizing to the ears and stimulating to the creative mind. Tom's genre is a blend of rock, pop, alternative and contemporary which transforms into an original sound that is refreshing and moving. He expresses his life experiences through song, taking the listener through a moving musical journey.  Tom's core, vision and purpose as an artist is to transform the spirit of the listener, by connecting them to each and every note, chord and melody.

Sammy Hagar talks about writing hit song "No Worries" with Tom

Download "No Worries" by clicking HERE


Music is Tom's passion and in his blood... literally.  Tom is the great nephew of Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Mr. Sammy Hagar aka,the Red Rocker. Hagar had seen Tom’s natural ability to learn songs by ear at a young age and made him a deal... "Tom, you learn 2 of my songs on guitar by the next time I see you, and I will give you a new electric guitar!"  A few months later Tom played Make it Last and Standin On Top of the World and as promised, Hagar handed him a red fender squire to start makin music on.


After years of practicing on that guitar and singing in the bedroom, Tom started writing his first songs.  He wrote lyrics based on his life experiences and relationships, and when people heard the songs they felt that emotion.  He was a senior in high school when he discovered that he had the ability to write songs, so decided as his senior project He would record an EP.  That EP was just the beginning to a plethora of tunes in Tom’s head just waiting to be written.  Since his first EP he has written and recorded hundreds of songs.  His goal is to always develop as an artist and songwriter and be able to portray that to the world.


Tom is one of the premier entertainers in LA and OC, and will play anywhere that enjoys good music and good vibes.  Book Tom for your next event by sending him a message on the contact page, you won't regret it!

Paul Walker Car Hangout!

Cody Walker and Tom

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