Tom Solis is a talented artist whose style is reminiscent of many singer/songwriters of the past. He mixes simplicity and raw emotion to create a uniquely complex sound that is tantalizing to the ears and stimulating to the creative mind. Tom's genre is a blend of rock, pop, alternative and contemporary which transforms into an original sound that is refreshing and moving. He expresses his life experiences through song, taking the listener through a moving musical journey.  Tom's core, vision and purpose as an artist is to transform the spirit of the listener, by connecting them to each and every note, chord and melody.


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Music is Tom's passion and in his blood... literally.  Tom is the great nephew of Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Mr. Sammy Hagar aka,the Red Rocker. Hagar had seen Tom’s natural ability to learn songs by ear at a young age and made him a deal... "Tom, you learn 2 of my songs on guitar by the next time I see you, and I will give you a new electric guitar!"  A few months later Tom played Make it Last and Standin On Top of the World and as promised, Hagar handed him a red fender squire to start makin music on. Since then, Tom has written hundreds of songs and played thousands of gigs around California.


Hi, I'm Thomas Solis.  For those of you who don't know, I have struggled with alcohol and addiction for 20 years. My journey began at the age of 15 when I first drank and experienced a near-death encounter with alcohol poisoning in Tijuana, Mexico. Throughout my young adult life, I continued to engage in dangerous drinking and blacking out. These behaviors resulted in numerous tragic events that deeply affected my loved ones. Despite the consequences, I found myself unable to break free from the cycle of drinking.

My music career allowed me to live the "rockstar lifestyle" for a long time, seemingly getting away with it and even thriving in it. While I achieved moderate success as a musician, my addiction to drinking and drugs always held me back. I made multiple attempts to get sober over the years, but with little success. Every time, I would eventually pick up that first drink and lose all control again. It wasn't until February 2024 that I finally surrendered and became willing to seek help at a 30-day treatment center in Mexico called "Las Olas."

Now, I am more committed to my recovery than ever before and on a mission to help those in need, particularly the younger generation. In today's digital world, where people are constantly glued to their smartphones and influenced by the media, there are numerous negative forces that can corrupt one's mind. It was during this realization that I understood the need for a digital beacon of hope for those struggling with alcoholism or addiction, to let them know that they are not alone and that there is a solution. That's why I created my AI companion, "SoberPal." Please share it with anyone you think could benefit from it. Thank you!


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