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Tom Solis - Singer. Songwriter. Guitarist

Tom Solis is a talented young artist whose style is reminiscent of the great singer song writers of the past. He mixes simplicity with a uniquely complex sound that is tantalizing to the ears and stimulating to the creative mind. Toms genre is a blend of rock, alternative and blues which transform into a uniquely complex sound that is refreshing and moving.

His artistic genius is the ability to take the raw experiences of life and emotion and turn them into moving musical masterpieces. Toms core, vision and purpose as an artist is to transform the spirit of the listener, by connecting them to each and every note, chord and melody. ┬áMusic is in Toms blood, literally…


Tom and Sammy talking music during Thanksgiving at Uncle Sams house.

Tom is the great nephew of Rock n Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Mr. Sammy Hagar. Hagar had seen Tom’s natural ability to learn songs by ear at a young age and decided to invest in him by giving Tom his first Fender Strat guitar.

14 Responses to About Tom

  1. Eric Solis says:

    You are my son, but that aside you are one of the most talented singer song writers I have ever heard. Keep up the great music!!!

    • Tom Solis says:

      Thanks dad! Coming from you it actually means a lot since I know you are a music guy and honest critic. Love you!

  2. Cameron says:

    Hey Tom, I saw you play at El Ranchito and I was blown away by your performance and how talented and humble you are man! Keep showing the world your amazing talent!


  3. Jim Owen says:

    Enjoyed your music while at El Ranchito in Newport. Great music ,Tom. You made our experience memorable. Nice blend of tunes from Johnny Cash to Robin Thicke. Would love to hear your own songs too.

  4. Andy says:

    Hey Tom. I saw you way back in 2007 at Irvine Spectrum I think it was. Stopped by and said hello and bought a copy of Can’t Stop. Still listen to it regularly. Keep rockin’!


    • Tom Solis says:

      Hey Andy,

      Funny b/c I play at the spectrum now but on a different contract. You should come by sometime! I post dates on my website.


  5. Deanna Hunt says:

    Thank you for performing at my wedding you were spectacular solo and then your band of 3 blew the crowd away. Nothing better then having live music at a wedding. You made our dreams come true by being affordable and so easy to work with.

    You should create a Yelp Business account so I can write a review there and more people can find you when looking for a band in Orange County. (they allow a private address now too.)

    • Tom Solis says:

      Hey Deanna,

      Sorry for the late response… I get a lot of spam on my site so most the time I don’t see the real comments! But thanks for having us it was a blast and we got some good pictures. I will look into the yelp thing that would be a great way to book more gigs I bet :) hope all is well with you!

  6. sarah gillette says:

    I just saw y’all for the first time tonight at the spectrum. Most outdoor musicians are good, but I was taken away at the quality and depth of your voice, performance and kindness. The love you have for music and life, shines through and pierces the hearts of your audience. I had to move in closer and sit just a little longer so I could find out who this was. I thoroughly happy I did. Y’all truly have a gift and I thank you for sharing it. I plan on seeing more moving performances in the near future!
    Peace & love

    • Tom Solis says:

      Hey Sarah,

      My apologies I just saw your comment and I really enjoyed the review! You have a great way of writing hopefully you can do more for me that the whole world can see! Haha, thanks for the love and I hope to see you at some more shows! If you haven’t already, friend me on Facebook under Tom Solis Band T.S.B. and just Tom Solis… I post most content there.

  7. Michelle Turner says:

    Tom has played at most of our family events and he’s by far the best. Great voice, great song choices, and a pleasure to be around! Thanks Tom for keeping our crazy family entertained.

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