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Tom Solis - Singer. Songwriter. Guitarist

Tom Solis is a talented young artist whose style is reminiscent of the great singer song writers of the past. He mixes simplicity with a uniquely complex sound that is tantalizing to the ears and stimulating to the creative mind. Toms genre is a blend of rock, alternative and blues which transform into a uniquely complex sound that is refreshing and moving.

His artistic genius is the ability to take the raw experiences of life and emotion and turn them into moving musical masterpieces. Toms core, vision and purpose as an artist is to transform the spirit of the listener, by connecting them to each and every note, chord and melody.  Music is in Toms blood, literally.

Tom with his dad and uncle Sammy Hagar (Toms left)

Tom is the great nephew of Rock n Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Mr. Sammy Hagar. Hagar had seen Tom’s natural ability to learn songs by ear at a young age and decided to invest in him by giving Tom his first Fender Strat guitar.

6 Responses to About Tom

  1. Eric Solis says:

    You are my son, but that aside you are one of the most talented singer song writers I have ever heard. Keep up the great music!!!

    • Tom Solis says:

      Thanks dad! Coming from you it actually means a lot since I know you are a music guy and honest critic. Love you!

  2. Cameron says:

    Hey Tom, I saw you play at El Ranchito and I was blown away by your performance and how talented and humble you are man! Keep showing the world your amazing talent!


  3. Jim Owen says:

    Enjoyed your music while at El Ranchito in Newport. Great music ,Tom. You made our experience memorable. Nice blend of tunes from Johnny Cash to Robin Thicke. Would love to hear your own songs too.

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